Campus Life

Student Activities

Life at CFS is more than just classes and homework. A wide variety of extracurricular activities are offered at CFS in an effort to create balance for our students. Students may voluntarily participate in as many or as few of these as they determine appropriate.

Weekend Activities

Events are scheduled for every weekend of the school year, and the list is fun and varied, from dances to performances to trips off campus. We take trips to the big cities as well as to the movies, malls and local eating establishments. Events are also planned on campus such as video game night and pick-up sports activities. Below is a list of some of the weekend activities that CFS has participated in over the past year:

Trips to Philadelphia, New York and Washington, DC
Mountain biking
Professional sporting events
Activities at other schools
Ski Trips
Theater productions
Local high school athletic events
UniverSoul Circus
Movies, malls and outlets
Local eateries   
School dances   

2022-2023 Griffin Review

Student Organizations

List of 2 items.

  • Conduct Review Board

    Our students play a very important role with their participation on our Conduct Review Board (CRB). As members of a team composed of students, staff and faculty, these students listen to and assist in the evaluation of disciplinary issues involving their peers. Their input and consideration is key to this process, and their participation is valued by all members of the community.
  • Student Ambassadors

    The students at CFS have an opportunity to participate in a number of programs in which they can show leadership. Among them are two programs where students interact directly with the local community and public.
    • Student Ambassadors are students who work on special projects with our Development team, and also provide support for the public, acting as parking guides and providing directions to visitors when they visit our campus for a variety of events. They also attend events as ambassadors of the school. 
    • Admissions Ambassadors work with prospective scholars and their families. Their role is to provide a tour of the campus, while providing orientation information as it relates to each physical area. They act as our ambassadors and do an exceptionally fine job of representing our school.
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